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Moving Boxes

Are you moving house or office? Need cardboard boxes? SPG and it's local cardboard manufacturing businesses can cater for all your cardboard box and packaging supplies when moving house. Whether you require boxes to move an apartment or a 5 bedroom house, SPG has a large number of pre-packaged packaging and moving solutions available.

Our packages are listed below so choose the package you need and contact us to get a quote!

What's included in our moving box packages?

1 bedroom 2 bedroom 3-4 bedroom
10 Tea Chest
15 Crystal/Wine
1 Porta Robe
1 Porta Robe Hanger
1 Tape
1 Butchers Paper (500 Sheets)
1 Tape Dispenser

1 Bedroom moving box package
15 Tea Chest
30 Crystal/Wine
2 Porta Robe
2 Porta Robe Hanger
2 Tape
1 Butchers Paper (500 Sheets)
1 Tape Dispenser

2 Bedroom moving box package
25 Tea Chest
45 Crystal/Wine
3 Porta Robe
3 Porta Robe Hanger
3 Tape
2 Butchers Paper (500 Sheets)
1 Tape Dispenser

3-4 Bedroom moving box package

Our boxes are cheaper than most companies as we make the boxes. We can arrange to deliver the boxes to your home to make our packages even more time convenient for you and in most cases, delivery is free to metro areas.

To obtain a quote on our moving box packages please make an enquiry using the form on the right hand side or contact your local SPG business.


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